We’re the Millers Movie Quotes


We're the Millers Movie QuotesWe’re the Millers movie quotes take us for a hysterical ride across the border to pick up a “smidge” of trouble.  David Burke (Sudeikis) is a pot dealer who is asked to go to Mexico to pick up a drug shipment to smuggle back into the States.  Realizing a lone traveler might draw suspicion, he asks several people to come along and pretend to be his family, the Millers.  Of course, things do not go as planned…

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We’re the Millers    (2013)
MPAA Rating:   R    -    Comedy
Director:   Rawson Marshall Thurber
Writers:     Steve Faber,  Sean Anders,  Bob Fisher,  John Morris
Cast:           Jennifer Aniston  (Rose),   Jason Sudeikis  (David Burke),   Will Poulter  (Kenny),   Emma Roberts  (Casey),   Ed Helms


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    • Thomas Lennon   (Rick Nathanson)
    • Matthew Willig   (One Eye)
    • Tomer Sisley   (Chacon)
    • Robert Crayton   (Thug)
    • Laura-Leigh
    • Molly C. Quinn
    • Nick Offerman
    • Kathryn Hahn
    • Mark L. Young   (Scottie P.)
    • Steve Baldwin   (Strip Club Patron)
    • James Alcorn   (Fair Goer)
    • Ashley Blankenship   (Hot Tub Bikini Girlfriend)
    • Tait Fletcher   (Creepy Trucker)
    • Kevin Dorff   (Officer Schaefer)



‘We’re the Millers’ Movie Quotes

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[to a border patrol agent]
David Burke: The Miller family here reporting for the leisure, sir.

David Burke: Honey, you made it!
Rose: Mmhmm
[he leans in to kiss her cheek]
Rose: uh uh
[pulls her head back]

David Burke: We’re just pretending to be a family to smuggle drugs across the border.

KennyOh my god a spider bit me!
Rose: Let me see it.
KennyYou’re not seeing it.
David Burke: Will you just man up and drop your pants?
[she gasps]
KennyI can’t feel my bingo [falls backwards]

Strip Club Manager: I need a lap dance, table 5. Don’t get too close, the guy smells like asparagus pee and he’s got a hook hand.

David Burke: So how was work tonight, neighbor?
Rose: You’re not a neighbor, you’re a pot dealer.

[Ed Helms]: I have a smidge of marijuana down in Mexico. Bring it back here by Sunday night and I’ll pay you $100,000.

David Burke: What the hell is that?
[Ed Helms]: That’s an Orca, I make a lot of money.

KennyYou’re probably going to get searched at the border.

KennyYou could wear a disguise.
David Burke: Like Bain from Batman. Something like that?
[puts hand up to face to mimic mask, imitating Bane's voice:]
David Burke: Ahh there’s no drugs in here, you have nothing to worry about.

David Burke: How would you like to make 10 grand?
Rose: Drug dealing?
David Burke: It’s not drug dealing, it’s smuggling.

David Burke: Me crossing the border alone, huge red flag, but families, they don’t get a sexond look.

David Burke: Hola! I’m here to pick up a smidge of pot.

David Burke: This is not a smidge! You’ve got me moving enough weed to kill Willy Nelson, man!

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