Red 2 Movie Quotes


Red 2 Movie QuotesRed 2 movie quotes describe this second installment of the action-comedy hit that, like the prequel Red, is based on a comic book series of the same name.

Red 2 movie quotes find Frank Moses (Willis) and Sarah Ross (Louise-Parker) trying to live the quiet life, but they are interrupted with news that forces Frank to once again reunite his aged team of operatives. This time they have to track down a Cold War era nuclear weapon code-named Nightshade that Frank and Marvin (Malkovich) are supposedly responsible for stealing.

With authorities and the best assassins in the biz (Mirren, Lee and Zeta Jones) after them, the team calls upon the weapon’s creator, Edward Bailey (Hopkins), to help locate the device. He proves difficult to work with, however, as this old scientist was plucked out of an insane asylum.

Red 2    (2013)
MPAA Rating:   PG-13    -    Action,   Comedy,   Crime
Director:   Dean Parisot
Writers:     Jon Hoeber,   Erich Hoeber,   Warren Ellis,   Cully Hamner
Cast:           Bruce Willis  (Frank Moses),   John Malkovich  (Marvin Boggs),   Mary-Louise Parker  (Sarah Ross),   Anthony Hopkins  (Edward Bailey),   Catherine Zeta Jones  (Katja),   Helen Mirren  (Victoria),   Byung-hun Lee  (Han Cho Bai)

Additional Cast of ‘Red 2′

  • Neal McDonough   (Jack Horton)
  • David Thewlis   (The Frog)
  • Garrick Hagon   (Davis)
  • Philip Arditti   (Arman)
  • Mitchell Mullen   (Wade)
  • Martin Sims   (Blackwell)
  • Tristan D. Lalla   (Vance)
  • Khalid Laith   (Al Said)
  • Tom Wu   (Security Officer)
  • Emilio Doorgasingh   (Iranian Ambassador)
  • Steven Berkoff   (Cobb)
  • Rob David   (Russian Officer)
  • Viasta Vrana   (General McKennon)
  • Vincent Hoss-Desmarais   (MI6 Intel Officer)


‘Red 2′ Movie Quotes


Marvin Boggs:    96 hours ago somebody said you and I took part in an operation called Nightshade.

Pussycat:   At the height of the Cold War a megaton device was smuggled into Moscow piece by piece and then reassembled. The scientist was Edward Bailey. He’s in an asylum for the criminally insane.

Sarah Ross:   What are we doing here with all this bulk?
Frank Moses:   We’re having a ball. We’re living the life.
Marvin Boggs:   Frank!
Frank Moses:   What are you doing here?
Marvin Boggs:   Kemosabe, I need you. They’re coming. I can feel it!
Frank Moses:    Look, I’m retired okay. I’m happy. We are happy!
Marvin Boggs:   You haven’t killed anybody in months!
Frank Moses:    That’s a positive thing!
Marvin Boggs:   If it makes you feel better, bring the girl.
Frank Moses:    Not bringing the girl!
Sarah Ross:    Don’t bring the girl where?

Victoria:   MI6 has just given me a contract to kill you. Apparently you’re guilty of nuclear terrorism, murder and you’re number one on Interpol’s most wanted.
Frank Moses:   What did you say?
Victoria:   Well, I said yes. You know, the money’s good and anyway if I don’t do it somebody else will.
Marvin Boggs:   It’s bad, isn’t it?
Victoria:   Is that Marvin?
Frank Moses:   Yes and Sarah
Victoria:   Aww, send them my love, will you?
Frank Moses:   They’re driving me crazy! Marvin gave her a gun.
Victoria:   Was it loaded?
Frank Moses:   Yes, yes
Victoria:   Were you being controlling?
Frank Moses:    No
Victoria:   Well, you have to take chances in a relationship. You have to be supportive.
Frank Moses:    I don’t need her to fit in. I just need her to be safe.
Victoria:   Just rent ‘Dirty Dancing’ and tell her you love her. You know, it’s important to enjoy life while you still can.

Victoria:    They’re sending in an old friend of yours as well.

Frank Moses:    He’s the best contract killer in the world. We need help.

Sarah Ross:   Do you remember where Nightshade is?
Edward Bailey:   Oh yes

Edward Bailey:    Now this feels right… It’s around here somewhere. I’m sure this time… Everything looks different. Maybe it’s over here.
Sarah Ross:    It’s been hours, hours!
Edward Bailey:   Yes, this is it. The entrance is up there.
Frank Moses:   Entrance to what?
Edward Bailey:   Secret tunnels to the old catacombs, Khrushchev used it to sneak his mistress in.
Sarah Ross:   In where?
Edward Bailey:   In there
Frank Moses:   The Kremlin? The weapon is in the Kremlin?
Edward Bailey:    It’s the one place they wouldn’t look.

Frank Moses:    11 million people are going to lose their lives if you don’t help me. Is there any way you could tell us where the bomb is?
Edward Bailey:    I invented it.

Victoria:   Can you even drive this ridiculous thing?
Han:   Can you shoot?
Victoria:   Show me something!

Frank Moses:   What are you doing kissing my girl?!
Marvin Boggs:   What happens in the Kremlin stays in the Kremlin.

Edward Bailey:    Frank Moses is my dear fellow! Why are you so old?
Frank Moses:    You’ve been locked up here for 32 years.
Edward Bailey:   Come on, Frankie, you’ve got to be kidding me! Come on, put ‘em up!

Miranda Wood:   Hello, Frank
Sarah Ross:   Who is she?
Marvin Boggs:   Trouble
Miranda Wood:   How are things?
Sarah Ross:   Yeah, Frank, how are things?

Frank Moses:   Please tell me that’s a stick of dynamite in your pocket.
Marvin Boggs:   I’m saving it for emergencies.
Frank Moses:   Well, this is kind of an emergency, isn’t it?