Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain Quotes


Kevin Hart Let Me Exlpain Movie QuotesKevin Hart: Let Me Explain movie quotes are going to be ridiculous. This man consistently crushes it on stage, so even with huge blockbuster budget films with even bigger CGI action scenes, this single man standing on a stage is still one of the most anticipated films of the summer.

Let Me Explain was the title of his 2012 tour and this film is from his sold out performance at Madison Square Garden on that tour.

With a release date of July 3rd, we still have to resort to the minimal trailer quotes for now, but we’ve thrown some of Kevin Hart’s previous standup quotes on here to give us a taste until we can update you with quotes from Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain.  If you’ve seen any of Kevin Hart’s standup before, you should recognize these.

‘Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain’ Movie Quotes

Real niggas.  ALL day!  Just me.  By myself.  On the block.  Holdin’ it down.  Gun in my waist.  Straight face.  All day.  Not a game.  In jail. By myself.  1 bed.  No pillow case.  1 pillow.  Didn’t nobody write me.  It was early.  Woke up.  Went back to sleep.  Took a nap.  You ever go night night nigga?

Its about to go down.. My mom told me to tell you!  To mind your damn motherfucking business bitch, you lil’ stupid bitch , dumb teacher bitch, 2+2 not knowin’ what the fuck it is bich, cross eyed cryin’ down your back fat foot ass bitch, long titty no nipple havin’ ass bich! An the crazy shit its my friends in the background OHHHH OHHHH HE SAID SHE AINT ‘ HAVE NO NIPPLES! Igot suspended an an asswhoopin’ when I got home my mom said I told you to say 2 cuss words your said… 76 of em.

If you get in a fight and you’re with me?  Then you just got fucked up!

Mr. Black:   Last night was crazy wasn’t it?
Kevin Hart:   Man, I had a ball!
Mr. Black:   Well guess what? We gonna do the same shit again tonight!
Kevin Hart:   You see, I’m not gonna do it. I can’t do it two nights in a row. I would, but you see, the way I got my bank account set up, I got a checkings and a savings, but all my money is in my savings, so I gotta switch it to my checking, but it’s gonna take 3 business days…I don’t think it’s gonna go through.

Ever argue with a female and, in the middle of the argument, you no longer feel safe because of her actions? She may start pacing back and forth real fast, breathing out her nose. You know what my girl do? When she get mad, she start talking in the third person. That’s scary as hell because that’s her way of telling me that from this point on, she is not responsible for none of her actions.

One time, she got me so mad, we got into a fist fight. You know how you know when you lost a fight to your woman? When the cops come to your house and ask you do you want to press charges. That’s how you know it didn’t go as you planned.

Say it with ya chest, lil ass nigga!

Ain’t gonna lie, I got the bill…I didn’t like it. You ever get a bill so high, you try to put it in the light, like its gonna change.

You like cheese without the corners, in other words you’ll never be a slice bitch!